Sunday, December 9, 2018

Nauert to the U.N.

From her usual perch at New Yorker, Robin Wright writes a snarky appraisal of the Heather Nauert apppointment as our U.N. Ambassador. In brief, her evaluation of Nauert is “low information, sharp elbows and snippy answers.”

What Wright doesn’t get is that Trump agrees with most conservatives that the U.N. is crap, mostly an embarrassment. His directive to our ambassador is to tell the U.N. off with great regularity. Nauert’s predecessor Nikki Haley did exactly that with aplomb.

Wright’s description of Nauert suggests she is well equipped to do likewise. The idea that we go there to befriend tin-pot dictatorships and third-world kleptocracies is ridiculous. We pursue our national interests, nothing more.