Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Mad Media Monopolist links to a Washington Examiner article quoting former (and probable future) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the subject of the press obsession with President Trump.
I wish the press would spend a lot more time on what we need to do here to meet the needs of the American people instead of morning, noon, and night allegations against the president. There are other things going on that are newsworthy.

I think you would have more viewers or readers if you address concerns that people have rather than just this ongoing, ongoing coverage of what’s current with the president from one day to the next.
She’s right, albeit for the wrong reasons. She thinks the attacks generate sympathy for him. Trump so monopolizes the news cycle that very little ‘oxygen’ (think column inches or airtime) remains for other players.

The genius of a reality TV star is knowing that all publicity is good publicity, even that which appears quite critical. As long as they’re talking about Trump nobody else seems important.

Trump’s bullyragging the media keeps them focused on him; they apparently cannot help themselves. Imagine how bummed he’d be if for several days in a row the press gave him minimal coverage. It would be fun to see the extreme lengths to which he might go to get back into the headlines, maybe a stroll on the WH lawn in his underwear?