Tuesday, December 17, 2019

An Academy of Dunces

The university at which I spent most of my faculty career, and from which I retired as a tenured Full Professor, is shamefully in the news. Lucianne.com links to a Breitbart article about the faculty union and individual faculty there regarding President Trump as “poison” and the speech of those who advocate his reelection to be “intensely hurtful” to students of color.

As you might understand, I am more pleased than I can say to no longer be an active member of that community of scholars. Their views are not mine, nor was I ever a member of the CFA faculty union.

The group targeted is the College Republicans (they do exist). CFA urges faculty to support and protect ‘snowflakes’ who feel threatened by the CR’s exercise of First Amendment rights of free speech advocacy for Trump’s reelection.

One wonders who will protect these delicate children from their fellow citizens upon graduation? How will they handle another Trump win in 2020? It is something he’s likely to achieve.