Friday, December 13, 2019

Travel Blogging XI

At Sea west of Tenerife:  This afternoon at roughly five p.m. we set sail on what is I believe the longest uninterrupted set of sea days we’ve ever done - 8 consecutive days with no port calls. I believe our previous record was 6 days between Guam and Hawaii.

On other Atlantic crossings we’ve put in at the Azores a couple of days out from Portugal. Tenerife is close to the coast of Africa so we’re basically crossing the whole mid-Atlantic in one straight shot, very nearly due west as noted earlier.

Earlier this afternoon in port we were”bunkering” which is what ships call filling their fuel tanks with oil. Given 8 days of nonstop sailing, starting with full tanks seems wise.

Cruise ships are all diesels these days, though some may be diesel-electrics like locomotives where the Diesel engine spins a generator which creates electricity to drive electric motors. Barring mishap, I don’t expect much to travel blog about between here and Florida.