Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The IG Report

Believe it or not Fox News comes thru on the ship TV system just fine. I watched a preliminary analysis of the IG Horowitz report on the DOJ.

It appears to be an exercise in departmental butt-covering, another nothingburger. This time Republicans are disappointed, last time with the Mueller report, Democrats were let down.

I guess it was too much to expect that a departmental loyalist would admit the existence of departmental wrongdoing which in fact clearly occurred. Horowitz couldn’t find evidence of bias in departmental decision-making.

My understanding is Horowitz took as his mandate investigating whether departmental procedures were followed to the letter. Apparently he specifically rules out a look at whether there was bias in judgment calls and begins with “Assuming the judgment was made without bias, did what ensued follow DOJ procedural guidelines.” No surprise, he concludes those policies were mostly followed.

Apparently Horowitz chose to believe assessing the fairness of judgment calls is beyond his pay grade. Given departmental guidelines, perhaps he is even correct concerning his charge.

The deep state won this round. Given the fecklessness of Congress which has ceded much of its decision-making to the bureaucracy, the deep state may win the whole game or at least fight to a draw.