Monday, December 23, 2019

Travel Blogging Coda

Home at last: The trip has ended, successfully on the whole. We cruised Venice to Ft. Lauderdale with no lost luggage, no damage, and no seriously debilitating illnesses. We flew NorCal to Venice and Ft. Lauderdale back to NorCal.

The other DrC saw the village in Sicily where her father was born, and the street on which his family likely lived. We imagined her 5 year old father playing there barefoot in the hot summer.

Considering we sailed the last week of November and the first three weeks of December, we experienced remarkably little cold weather. Even Newark and Denver weren't especially frigid in latish Dec. We had about 3 days of rough water, one in the Med. and two in the Atlantic east of Florida - but no seasickness.

Speaking of seasickness, we take a meclizine HCL tablet everyday we are at sea, mostly as a precaution. Two per day on rough water days. It's over-the-counter, a relatively inexpensive generic at Costco where you ask the pharmacy for it, and it works. We get no side effects.

We arrived at home somewhat jet-lagged, but that's normal after flying all day. For a change, we actually got some sleep on the flights.