Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Winning Economic Warfare

Instapundit links to a New York Sun article by Ira Stoll, concerning the interplay between Trump foreign policy and trade policy. Stoll writes:
The President doesn’t see the current national security landscape as particularly threatening to America, at least in comparison to the Cold War. The countries that others see as threats — Iran, North Korea — Mr. Trump kind of shrugs off, figuring that if he wants to, he could nuke them. One may disagree with that assessment, but that is how Mr. Trump sees it.

Mr. Trump does see the world, and the current challenges and opportunities for America, more in economic terms. Perhaps it’s the result of a career that Mr. Trump spent trying to accumulate wealth and work his way up the Forbes magazine rich list, but Mr. Trump sees the world in terms of which country gets the most money. That explains all the time spent on negotiating trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, China, and Europe. Economic warfare, the President understands. He doesn’t just understand it, he cares about winning at it.
We aren’t yet tired of all the winning, Mr. President.