Monday, December 9, 2019

Travel Blogging VI

At Sea, en route to Gibraltar: We’ve been sailing west, out of sight of land for a day and a half, on a course from Palermo to Gibraltar. I’ve never looked out and seen an empty horizon.

I conclude the Mediterranean Sea is a busy place. There have always been other ships at a distance. This doesn’t happen in the three big oceans - Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific - where the appearance of being alone on the waters is often a reality.

After a bunch of ports with Italian and Greek names and ethnicities, Gibraltar is defiantly British, having voted overwhelmingly to remain so in the face of demands from Spain to “give it back.” It’s a sore spot with the Spanish who believe with some geographic justice it should be theirs.

Unfortunately for Spain, the Brits are known for good government, a reputation Spain cannot match. This is true in spite of the craziness surrounding Brexit, which has surfaced an English (as opposed to British) nationalism which normally remains submerged in party politics.


 On another topic, the Inspector General’s report on the U.S. Department of Justice is supposed to be made public later today. Given the 6 hour time difference between here and Washington DC, I won’t start to get informed commentary until quite late, possibly tomorrow in fact.

Preliminary leaks suggest Republicans are likely to be disappointed with its conclusions. One can, however, wistfully hope for an honest outcome.