Friday, December 13, 2019

BoJo Wins Big

Happy Friday, the 13th. Various sources are reporting Boris Johnson has won a clear majority in Commons. He needed 326 and got like 364. Brexit is a done deal now, no question about it.

I don’t suppose I’m the only one who wonders if this is an omen predicting a clear win for Donald Trump. It might just be that.

Labour was led by Jeremy Corbyn who is the British anti-Semitic version of an old lefty. A bunch of people who aren’t fond of Johnson probably voted for Boris to keep Jeremy out of No. 10. The Brits call this “strategic voting.”

Now if the Democrats will nominate someone dear to their hearts, representing their extreme left - Sanders or Warren - perhaps we’ll get that kind of blowout here in the States. Call it McGovern, Revisited.

Watching the maneuvers around Britain’s relations with the EU will be interesting to follow. I’m guessing they’ll discover they need Britain more than Britain needs them.