Monday, December 16, 2019

Travel Blogging XII

In the Eastern Atlantic, sailing westward, as I write on Saturday night: We’ve been in a WiFi dead spot all day. nobody is getting online, not even the future cruises fellow who would like to be able to check cabin availability for interested customers. Thus, this will be posted later when WiFi returns.

It’s time to dig out the second thick novel I brought along for just such conditions and bury my nose in it. I hope to finish it before the trip ends.

The weather is warm, as predicted. The sea looks flat, but isn’t as there are swells that make the old Pacific Princess roll a bit. I’m not hearing a lot about seasickness, all of our usual dinner partners were at the table this evening.

I had an entree for supper I’ve never eaten before, pork belly. Think uncured, unsmoked, unsliced bacon cooked like a roast. Not bad, but it will never be a favorite. Tomorrow night it’s lobster tails for the DrsC.

Monday Night, we’re finally back online, so here goes.