Friday, December 27, 2019

Weird Demographic Science

Posting at Instapundit, Stephen Green links to a publication of the American Enterprise Institute concerning how well men and women are doing in the U.S., with some emphasis on the young. On most positive indicators, men do worse than women. On most negative indicators, men outnumber women. Yet we worry about how women are faring when in fact men are the ones suffering and doing poorly.

Some examples, for every 100 women who experience what the item specifies, the number of men doing so is given:
74 men earn a bachelor’s degree
74 men earn a master’s degree
89 men take the SAT test
90 men earn a doctor’s degree
180 men abuse drugs and alcohol
240 men are suspended from school
1000 men are in adult correctional facilities
The article give 3-4 times this many quite similar examples. Just possibly our society should focus on the problems faced by men; as a group women appear to be doing fine.