Monday, December 30, 2019

An Elegy for the Teens

It seems everybody feels the need to write a decade-ending “thumb-sucker” taking a shot at the question “What did it all mean?” One thing is certain, as a nation we’re in better shape financially than we were ten years ago.

Socially, we’re in worse shape and the beat goes on. We’ve defined deviancy down, insanity as sanity, and are in process of defining crime as not-crime. There is no way such decadence ends well.

I won’t be surprised if carrying a weapon (concealed or otherwise) becomes relatively normal behavior as the SJWs minimize the effectiveness of the police, courts, and penal system.

I wish I could tell you I am optimistic about the coming decade ... but it wouldn’t be the truth. We share this nation with far too many nut cases.

On a personal note, it appears over the past 10 years I have posted to COTTonLINE around 9500 items. We live in times I find interesting, I hope you feel the same. Happy New Year!