Monday, April 12, 2021

About Hate

Opinion written for USA Today by David Mastio cites FBI hate crime statistics.

Diversity is at the core of our national hate-crime statistics as tracked by the FBI. In 2019, the latest year for which the FBI has released statistics, 10% of hate crimes were committed by Hispanics, 24% were by Blacks and about 7% by groups with multiple ethnicities.

The FBI statistics are no aberration. "In New York City, where anti-Asian hate crime soared nearly nine-fold in 2020 over the year before, only two of the 20 people arrested last year in connection with these attacks were white, according to New York Police Department data analyzed by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Eleven were African Americans, six were white Hispanics and one was a Black Hispanic," reported Masood Farivar for Voice of America.

About which, Instapundit Reynolds writes

According to the FBI, black people, who are roughly 12% of the population, commit 24% of the hate crimes.

Hate isn’t especially a white people’s problem, it is a human problem. Peoples of all races and nationalities enjoy hating entirely too much. It’s very universality makes it a particularly intractable problem with which to deal.