Friday, April 30, 2021

Doubling Down

Three days ago I noted that Paul Mirengoff of Power Line had committed a Kinsley gaffe. Apparently it was no accident. Today he has waded out into similar waters with the following comment in reaction to some aspects of Biden’s peculiar SOTU speech.

We must consider the possibility that those who are “behind the eight-ball” have left themselves behind — by declining to do the things that other Blacks (and members of other groups that began their time in America in a disadvantaged condition) have done to get ahead. If Biden wants to confer additional benefits on Blacks who are left behind, he should show that their status, somehow, is the result of slavery and Jim Crow, rather than the result of their decisions and their behavior. It’s neither a showing he can make, nor one he’s interested in attempting.

Mirengoff has the courage of his convictions, no question.