Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Where the “Good Life” Flourishes

Writing at Breitbart, John Nolte distills something I’ve experienced. Here’s his basic thesis:

Life in Rural America (which is where Republican Trump voters live and govern), is clean, safe and racially tolerant. Most places in America where life is dirty, polluted, dangerous, violent, and plagued with racial hate and race riots, are cities that are almost exclusively populated by and governed by Democrats.

He notes there is little anti-Asian bias in rural areas; that has certainly been my experience. In the tiny WY town where I buy my warm weather groceries there are a couple of Filipino families who are accepted and happily at home, marrying locals and thriving. 

Urban density creates problems, more density = more problems, problems generate hate. Hate demands solutions, and solutions to density’s problems are what Democrats sell. 

Rural Republicans fold in more than a little libertarianism into their policy mix. Low density means you doing your thing doesn’t get in my face as it would if we lived within a few feet of each other. “Live and let live” works in low density places, creates friction in high density places.


Understanding this calculus, Lee Kwan Yew who “designed” Singapore created a highly dense, highly regimented place that works very well. The government is, however, unapologetically intrusive into people’s lives, banning things like chewing gum, executing drug dealers, and kicking messy people out of public housing. It makes wrong-doers miserable without worrying overmuch about their human rights.

Lee built a high density first world city-state in a third world region by being anti-libertarian and somewhat authoritarian. I wouldn’t choose to make my home there, but visits are fine. It is a beautiful city.

Think of Democrats as ineffective authoritarians who’d like to be as tough as Singapore’s government. They can’t do it because of our nation’s low-density history and quasi-libertarian Constitution.