Thursday, April 8, 2021

High Density a Killer

Joel Kotkin describes the underlying reason high density states like New York and New Jersey are having such a tough time with Covid-19. Newgeography has the story, hat tip to Instapundit for the link.

What emerge from these trends are some clear issues with transmission that transcend lockdowns, mask mandates and other punitive measures. However justified, such actions have not addressed the fundamental reasons why some geographies and populations have suffered so much more than others. That’s to say that while the blue state governors aren’t necessarily to blame for the surges their states are experiencing, it’s clear that the economically and personally disruptive measures did not have the expected impact.

What did make a big difference, it turns out, is not so much the severity of lockdowns but pre-existing conditions. The likely cause here can be best identified as “exposure density” brought on by crowded housing, transit, and office environments.

High density kills. Carve that truth in stone, tell it on the mountain.