Thursday, April 1, 2021

VDH: Rules for Radicals

Many’s the time I’ve referred you to an article by Victor Davis Hanson, today I write to do so again. He has written for Real Clear Politics an article describing “The 10 Radical New Rules That Are Changing America.” Here are his “rules” minus the explanations, which you need to read too.

Money is a construct.
Laws are not necessarily binding anymore.
Racialism is now acceptable.
The immigrant is mostly preferable to the citizen.
Most Americans should be treated as we treat little children.
Hypocrisy is passé.
Ignoring or perpetuating homelessness is preferable to ending it.
McCarthyism is good.
Ignorance is preferable to knowledge.
Wokeness is the new religion, growing faster and larger than     Christianity.

If you conclude that Hanson is deeply pessimistic about our future, you’d be correct. Does he overstate some of his concerns? Certainly, he is trying to get your attention and likely will succeed in doing so.