Monday, April 19, 2021

Walter Mondale, R.I.P.

Former Senator and Vice President under Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale has died, at age 93. He was heard to say, on multiple occasions, that as a politician Carter was clueless. That seems fair.

I met then-Senator Walter “Fritz” Mondale (D-MN) some 45 years ago, in Washington, DC, as part of a seminar organized by the Brookings Institution. He made a presentation to our small group and answered questions. 

In person, Mondale had good people skills and seemed decent. Sadly, only his decency came across when he was campaigning. Much the same was said of George W. Bush, whom I never met. 

Later ... For a view of Fritz Mondale by someone who knew and worked for him, see the column by Power Line’s Scott Johnson. Johnson expresses a view of Mondale very like mine.