Friday, April 23, 2021

The Immigration Mess

The Biden administration’s policies have led to a flood of illegal immigrants. Surveys show most Americans aren’t happy about this flood. So we ask, what is wrong with a rich nation having open borders?

For certain, not everybody dislikes the consequences. Businesses get both cheap labor and extra consumers. And the wealthy get cheap servants - maids, nannies, gardeners, and pool boys.

The rest of us? We get lower wages while paying higher taxes to support the influx of poorly socialized third-world individuals. Many of these end up in our emergency rooms or jail cells, in either case we pay their bills.

If not impeded, perhaps half of the 600 million residents of Latin America might end up coming here. In their shoes, I believe I would. 

That influx would effectively double the U.S population. The result would be much greater population density here, which equals worse living conditions for Americans.

Should our government permit this? Very simply, it should not. President Trump understood this. What, if anything, President Biden understands remains unclear, as his befuddled public statements demonstrate.