Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hypocracy Watch

A current favorite thing is to catalog normal, everyday places where one has to show a photo ID to do some normal task or access some information. Examples I’ve seen this evening include taking the White House tour, picking up Will Call tickets at the MLB ballpark, attending Coca Cola’s annual meeting, and you gotta believe Delta requires one to board a plane. 

Yet all of these institutions have criticized Georgia for requiring a photo ID to vote. The hypocracy of these complainers essentially knows no bounds. 

You can play this game too. Think of the various times you’ve had to show your ID to do something and ask yourself if those requiring it are angry with GA for this reasonable requirement. Isn’t it a rule your state should also adopt?

Later ... a recent Associated Press/NORC poll finds that 72% of Americans favor requiring a photo ID of all voters. That includes 54% of Democrats as well as 91% of Republicans and 72% of Independents.