Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Biting the Hand

The guys at Power Line link to a Garrison Keillor column at Jewish World Review, which I looked at out of curiosity. Keillor is an unregenerate old liberal and thus not their (or my) cup of tea. 

I was pleasantly surprised to read the following as the “Sage of Lake Woebegone” bites the selfsame PBS hand that, for so many years, fed him.

What with resistance to immunization, I worry we suddenly we'd find ourselves in a nation of public-radio listeners, old folkies, organic sustainable people who are spiritual but not religious, and all the cranky uncles and crackpot cousins will disappear, and Terry Gross will be elected president. She does a show, "Fresh Air," on which she interviews only people she admires because they agree with her. This is the problem with public radio. They can't bear dissent.

I don't want to live in an entire nation of Vermonters. We need Texas and Mississippi too. Even Oklahoma.

Maybe even Wyoming, per the new census still the least populous state. Our nondensity is so social distanced we probably didn’t even need Covid shots.  

Rest easy, Garrison, we two cranky conservatives from WY got our shots and do not propose to die anytime soon. We gotta stay healthy to help retire RINO Liz Cheney next year.