Saturday, April 24, 2021

Having It Both Ways

One of the minor contretemps percolating in the body politic is furor over the FBI designating the shooter - James Hodgkinson - who shot up a 2017 Congressional Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, VA, as a case of suicide-by-cop. 

Republicans are quite certain it was politically motivated terrorism. Given the shooter’s online comments, it is clear the gunman wanted to kill elected Republicans

Why do I call this a “minor contretemps”? Because I see no reason why it cannot be both political terrorism and suicide by cop. As the guys at Instapundit are fond of snarking, embrace the healing power of “and.” 

Like suicide bombers, he may have been quite willing to die for his beliefs. Perhaps that can be called suicide-by-cop while taking nothing away from his political motives, which he took pains to make clear.