Friday, April 2, 2021

Politics as Replacement

Andrew Sullivan writes for The Spectator U.S. mostly in celebration of what he finds comforting about his ancestral Roman Catholicism. However, I particularly like the aside in which he characterizes “wokeness” as a new evangelical faith, here it is.

In wokeness, the younger generation are quite obviously replicating previous religious movements in America. Look at the zeal in their eyes, the relentless search for heresy, the ostracization of sinners, the mass confessions of iniquity, and the need to ‘do the work’ every day to bring about the Kingdom of Anti-Racism.

His point is that, in the absence of religion-as-we-knew-it, needy people have invested those same characteristics into a new belief structure. I’m inclined to agree with his characterization of the “woke” while deploring their determined irrationality.