Wednesday, November 4, 2020


The polls closed roughly 24 hours ago, and counting still continues. The year 2020 has been nasty for most of its length, the corona virus has made our election a bigger mess than usual. Hanging chads are remembered as positively quaint by comparison.

RealClear Politics is now claiming the Democrats will have lost a net of 10 House seats to the GOP. Pelosi and Co. really screwed the pooch; they predicted big wins, not the embarrassing losses that occurred.

It continues to appear the Senate will remain in Republican hands. If Machiavellian Mitch is on his game, the Dems may learn just how unfun a "resistance" can be - agencies with 'acting' heads, programmatic gridlock, and unfilled judge and ambassador positions. It would clearly be karmic justice to give the Ds a healthy dose of their own mischief.

We don't yet know how the presidency will turn out. Biden is ahead in terms of electors but lawsuits are being bruited and allegations of large-scale intentional cheating in Wisconsin are already on the wires. It may be decided in the courts.

I remember when our elections were staid affairs where the losers took it stoically like gentlemen, and the winners were at least superficially magnanimous. Will we ever see that degree of civility again? Probably not in what's left of my lifetime.