Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Mechanics of Vote Rigging

Instapundit posts a question he found on Facebook, one about which you may have wondered:

If the Democrats rigged the election against Trump, why didn’t they rig the down ballot races?

That is, how have the House races favored the GOP while Biden leads in presidential votes? Instapundit answers it with good information for those interested in the “inside baseball” of politics.

Because that’s apples and oranges. Voter fraud in a few Dem-machine-dominated big cities can tilt several states and swing a presidential election. Congressional elections are far more dispersed, and often turn on votes in places where Democrats don’t control the vote counting apparatus.

To which I’d add: fully marking fake ballots it too labor intensive while marking only the president choice section is quick. A comparison of the total votes for president in a district versus the total for the House in that same precinct is a quick indicator of vote irregularity and potential fraud, if the observed difference is large.