Monday, November 2, 2020

Forty-Eight Hours and Counting

Forty-eight hours from now we should have an inkling of how the presidential election will turn out. As I noted yesterday, the trends or tea leaves look positive for a Trump win. 

Everything looks positive except the opinion polls which ask "for which candidate will you cast your ballot." Those still predict a Biden win, albeit by a less robust margin.

So once again it is the old story, "Who are you gonna believe, the polls or your lying eyes?" I remain mildly optimistic about a Trump win, so I go with "eyes."

There is even some evidence that the GOP could hold onto their control of the Senate. I don’t want to oversell this trend, but it now looks like Ernst will win in IA and a Trump win might pull a few more across the finish line.

Public enthusiasm is almost entirely on Trump's side. Even Trump haters cannot muster much excitement for Biden/Harris. I wonder if later in the week we'll be writing that, faced with two unpalatable choices, a fair few chose to skip voting this time?