Friday, November 13, 2020

More on Fox News

Fox News is doubling down on their move to the left. Their news, as opposed to commentary or opinion, programs are referring to Joe Biden as President-elect. I’d be okay with them calling him the “apparent winner,” but “President-elect” is a bridge too far for me. 

At this point the only authority Fox has for that title is other news outlets. No state has certified its choice, as far as I’m aware. And there are court challenges pending.

Somehow they haven’t figured out that, at best, they’ll share the fate of the #NeverTrump folks. How Megyn Kelly fared post-Fox should have been an object lesson. 

Fox had a “golden ticket” and gave it away, apparently voluntarily. About this, I’m sad for us disappointed viewers and, as a career B-school prof, puzzled at the really dumb business decision.

Popular people they have on contract, like Hannity and Carlson, are probably stuck there. As long as they keep delivering their usual content and don’t sell out, they should be safe. The rest are probably at risk as ratings fall.