Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Fox Admits an Error

Writing at 10 p.m. today in, I believe, the eastern time zone, Instapundit posts the following claim, echoed from The Other McCain's website without comment or criticism. Robert Stacy McCain posted this at 9:18 p.m. today, wherever he's located, about Fox's very wrong call of the House races.

This projection was false. It was either an incredibly stupid error or it was a deliberate lie, and it really doesn’t matter which it was, because Fox News has never even admitted it was wrong, much less have they explained why they misled their audience on Election Night.

On the right, we are in a "beating up on Fox News" mood, but contrary to claims, they have admitted their House projection was wrong. Fair is fair. 

I watched Bret Baier's Special Report, recorded beginning at 3 p.m. pacific time (6 p.m. eastern time) today. Doing so, I saw and heard Bret state that while their call of AZ for Biden was correct, their claim that the Democrats would pick up 5 House seats was clearly wrong. No explanation was given.

He later quizzed his panel about why they believed recent polling was so off-kilter. So Fox News has admitted at least one of their calls missed the mark by at least 10 House seats, and likely more. 

Go view tonight's program and watch it for yourself. I'll admit he slipped into the middle of a paragraph and didn't emphasize it, but it was there if you paid attention.