Saturday, November 14, 2020

From the Heartland

I don’t always, or even most of the time, agree with the published opinions of Kevin D. Williamson. That said, he has a column for the New York Post that really hits the mark. His introductory paragraph gives you an idea of where he’s going.

If people living in Trump country seem like they live in a different world from that inhabited by Silicon Valley executives and the editors of The New York Times, there is a reason for that: They do.

In many ways, Red America understands Blue America better than Blue America understands Red America. It doesn’t have much choice: The news media, the entertainment business, technology and social media, and the commanding heights of big business live in Blue America and largely share Blue America’s biases, assumptions and points of view.

Writing from Texas for readers in New York City, and beyond, Williamson makes the point that coastal elites have no idea of most of the country and around half its people. For those of us who live in the great fly-over by choice, it’s a truth known all too well.

The DrsC have driven all over these United States, literally “wheels on the ground” in every one of the fifty states, most of them repeatedly. We have resided, not just traveled, in all four continental U.S. time zones for at least a year each, have owned property in three of the four zones, and currently own property in two. 

We know this country as few Americans do; we are retired and can live wherever we choose. We choose to live in fly-over country. In our experience, the people there are nicer, the yoke of government is lighter, population density is lower, and life feels better. That is the conclusion of two native Californians.