Saturday, November 28, 2020

My Position

I’m guessing some COTTonLINE readers believe I’m not placing enough emphasis on the court challenges being mounted to various presidential vote counts which look hinky. Would I like a series of decisions giving the election to Trump? Certainly. Do I believe it likely? Sadly, no.

In this country, we don’t have a history of overturning locally determined election outcomes. The rules of how votes are cast, counted, and reported are local ones, not national. Thus the decisions of local courts are largely final, and many of those urban courts are staffed by judges picked by local Democratic political machines.

In metaphorical ‘uncharted waters,’ which these widespread challenges represent, the wise ship captain falls back on experience. Experience suggests that the election will go forward much as currently reported. It may be fraudulent, as John F. Kennedy’s was when Chicago’s Mayor Daley ‘found’ extra ballots to beat Richard Nixon but it will likely stand.

The most reasonable rejoinder to my argument is that Donald Trump is a path-breaker, his career arc follows few rules. I admit as much. If anybody can pull off a challenge, “the Donald” has a better chance than most because he has done similar improbable things already.

And so ... I sit back and watch what comes.