Monday, November 23, 2020

The Trophy Wife Hypothesis

You can imagine Kurt Schlichter writing with a pen dipped in acid and cocaine. Snark flows from his word processor like sewage flows from Chuck Schumer's mouth. Check out his hypothesis of why big business backed Biden.

Our principles need to stop being a blind commitment to what Milton Freidman thought back before business started adopting the politics of the CEOs’ much younger and dumber second wives.

You know, I believe he's onto something there. Schlichter's superpower is that his snark is always based in reality.

The politics of business was more straight-forward when the wealthy had mistresses and continued to live with their original wives who then cuddled with the footman or tennis instructor. Mistresses understood the transactional nature of the relationship and didn't need to defend a fellow's business ethics to their social set.