Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blame a Catholic Childhood

Instapundit takes a dim view of poor old Joe Biden’s apparent lack of knowledge about Psalms and what those might be, as documented in a Tweet. It shows nominally Catholic Biden had a non-Catholic speech writer and hadn’t pre-studied what he read off the Teleprompter.

As the other DrC, who was raised Roman Catholic, is fond of telling me, “Catholics didn’t know the Bible, they weren’t encouraged to read it.” Translation: priests read the Bible and interpreted it for those attending mass or teaching CCD to children. 

Apparently learning what a psalm might be wasn’t considered a priority in Biden’s childhood PA diocese, maybe in most. On the other hand, Palm Sunday is a medium-to-big deal for RCs. 

Confusing the two is easily understood and excused. What is inexcusable is Joe not having made sure he either (a) understood what he was to read in public or (b) deleted the unclear reference. 

It’s evidence of laziness. Perhaps we’re in for another laid-back Eisenhower-style presidency. Coincidentally or not, Ike was also known to garble his public statements.