Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Morning After

We have preliminary election results and an outcome literally nobody predicted appears likely. Barring successful challenges in the courts and odd distributions of votes not yet counted, the President doesn’t have a clear path to reelection. 

As I write this, and subject to change, the final outcome in the Electoral College could be Biden 270, Trump 268. It couldn’t get closer than that without being a tie. 

On the other hand, it seems likely Republicans will retain control of the Senate. And something nobody predicted, the GOP so far has gained 3 seats in the House of Representatives. 

In a long life I’ve experienced my share of political disappointments, this looks like another in that column of downers. If all we’ve got to look forward to for the next two years is a deadlocked Congress and a largely impotent president, I’ll take it and be glad it wasn’t worse. 

If Senate control remains with Mitch McConnell’s Republicans, there will be no Supreme Court packing or statehood for Puerto Rico and DC. You take your good news where you find it. 

The likely bad news is bad enough, open borders and open prison gates are no picnic. To the extent to which executive orders can accomplish it, expect the return of the worst of Obama-ism, perhaps minus Barry’s odd S&M affair with Iran. You remember, they chanted "Death to America,"  he was orgasmic, and sent them plane-loads of cash as a reward.

One of our favorite columnists, David P. Goldman aka “Spengler,” writes about what a wag once called “the upside of the downside.” There are worse things than a weak Biden presidency, although in the long-run weak presidencies aren’t great for the nation. Nevertheless they can be survived in the short-to-medium run, and “survive” is what I propose to attempt, maybe even “thrive.”