Sunday, November 8, 2020

Further Musings

George W. Bush was my President but I certainly was unenthused about his RINO ways. Barack Obama was the President but he wasn't "my President." Donald Trump was both the President and "my President." Joe Biden, presuming he is in fact the winner will once again be the President but not "my President." 

Life is like that, you win some and lose some. Somehow I take the winning for granted, and feel the losing more keenly. Perhaps that's Murphy's Law at work, and that Murphy puts in long hours on the job. 

It looks like COTTonLINE will spend the next four years chronicling the Biden missteps and malapropisms. That is, we will if they don't ease him out of office using the 25th Amendment. Damn, I really don't want to listen to Kamala's inane laugh from the Oval Office.