Friday, November 6, 2020


In a 50-50 nation it was likely that whichever side lost would claim voter fraud, and whichever side claimed it was likely to be correct. Vote counting is done by local authorities and some of our most obvious crooks are at the local level. 

So be it, it’s the way we roll. It’s likely our only national elections which truly reflect voter preferences are those where the margin of victory is clear-cut and too strong to be overcome by local vote fiddling.

It appears each party will win some and lose some in 2020. Attempts in CA to use the ballot to push the left’s agenda supporting racial preferences and banning gig work both went down to defeat. 

This as Joe Biden won the CA vote handily. CA is big on mixed messages - Gov. Newsom wants to ban cars, of which nearly every Californian owns two or more.

Nancy Pelosi lost a substantial chunk of her majority in the House, I’m reading somewhere in the 10-13 seat range. It seems likely Mitch McConnell will retain his majority, slightly weakened, in the Senate. Both of these are pluses for the GOP.

We don’t have final numbers but it appears one way or another Biden will end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, by the skinniest of margins, and that thin margin possibly fraudulent. If things settle out as noted above, he’ll be a lame duck on Inauguration Day. 

Ex-president Trump, if that’s the way it turns out, will likely become the successor to Rush Limbaugh who sadly seems to be losing a battle with cancer. Trump hasn’t been a conventional president and I’m betting he won’t be a conventional ex-president. 

My mild optimism vis-a-vis the presidential election outcome proved unwarranted, indicating all those hopeful indicators were as wrong as were the polls showing a Biden sweep. It happens ... too often.

As I never tire of observing, we are cursed to live in interesting times.