Monday, November 27, 2023

A Conversation

The Wall Street Journal's Gerard Baker imagines a serious conversation between a MAGA hat Trump supporter and a fleece vest never-Trump conservative. He lets each one have their say uninterrupted, which wouldn't happen in real life. It's a good read, and best of all, not behind the paywall.

Darned if they don't each make many good points, there wasn't much either said I disagreed with. I suppose I end up where I began. As a Republican first and foremost; one who prefers Ron DeSantis in the primary but will almost certainly vote for Trump if nominated by the Party.

If as expected the race ends up being Biden vs. Trump - two known quantities - it should be no contest. In spite of Covid, which wasn't either's fault, the years under Trump were better years than those under Biden, for 70-80% of us anyway. So I'll choose the better option and hope for not too much craziness from the egomaniac-in-chief.