Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The GOP's Abortion Problem

I didn't want to believe it but the evidence is just too strong to ignore. Our Republican Party is on one side of the abortion debate, and most American women are on the other side. 

Most developed societies have a below-replacement birth rate. Many women remain childless by choice but are rarely celibate, which reinforces their "ride or die" demand for abortion's availability.

Women who fear an unwanted pregnancy have the most personal of reasons for voting for the abortion-loving Democrats. When they do, and the Ds win, we get the rest of the Democrats' "woke" program as unwanted baggage.

As long as we Republicans are identified as siding with those who view abortion as murder, we are going to lose elections we deserve to win. Dotards like Biden and airheads like Harris will win elections that, on the merits, they should lose. Our country suffers.

Our party needs to find ways to solve this problem, because losing is getting to be a GOP habit. I for one am tired of it happening, maybe you are too. 

Nikki Haley has made an decent attempt to disassociate herself from the "ban abortion" movement. Her argument is there is no way Congress will pass a federal law concerning abortion, making it therefore a state matter to decide. 

It isn't clear the voting public knows enough civics to understand her reasoning. How successful she will be only time will tell. We need to see more such attempts among our candidate pool.