Thursday, November 16, 2023

Your Solution Is My Problem, and Vice Versa

The idea that voters for the two major parties have different visions of their ideal United States is hardly new. That said, when someone does a very clear job of delineating exactly how different, it is worth reading.

A community activist in Pennsylvania points this out in stark terms. Hat tip to RealClearPolitics for the link.

The circles don’t overlap. The two parties do not share a common vision of our community or nation. It’s almost impossible to achieve meaningful compromise and a strategic plan without shared goals and shared priorities.

It’s not that the two parties disagree on how to fix a problem; it’s that the parties don’t agree on what the top problems are.

We wish to live in two very differently governed countries, each repulsive to those preferring the other. At the bottom of this disagreement are differing views of underlying human nature.

The result of the ugly compromises flowing from a narrowly split legislature: most of us - left and right - believe the country is on the wrong track. My poor country, cultural bifurcation is unlikely to end well.