Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Hard Truths

Writing for City Journal, Heather MacDonald gets serious about the explosion in urban crime. SJW activists won't like what she writes. Here is the Cliff Notes™ version:

Public safety has been destroyed in many American cities because of an idea. That idea holds that any law-enforcement activity that has a disparate impact on black criminals is racist.

Until the disparate-impact conceit is demolished, permanently restoring law and order will be impossible.

Only a president has the national reach to engage this most difficult of all “conversations about race.”

In order to save black lives, police officers will have to stop and arrest black criminals in numbers greatly disproportionate to the black share of the population.

Black juveniles were shot at 100 times the rate of white juveniles since the George Floyd race riots; blacks between the ages of ten and 24 were killed in gun homicide at 24 times the rate of whites in that age cohort. (snip) They are being gunned down by other blacks, at rates equally disproportionate to the black population share. Providing justice to those black victims will require putting more black criminals in prison.

A president with the courage to pursue this reasonable policy will have SJW heads exploding here and abroad.