Monday, November 13, 2023

Funny ... If Seen from Afar

A headline at the satirical website The Babylon Bee:

Newsom Assures Homeless They Can Resume Pooping On Sidewalks Once His Boss Leaves

In case you don't know to whom the "His Boss" refers, the article pointedly clarifies they mean "China's communist dictator President Xi." They continue by 'quoting' Newsom,

Please don't mess it up for me and President Xi. I really want to impress him. Please hold it in for a couple of days. Just clench or something. After that, you may poop to your heart's content. Thank you.

If I play my cards right, Xi may even let me become President. This is huge for me.

LOL Hat tip to Ed Driscoll posting at Instapundit for the link.