Sunday, November 12, 2023

Brave New World

This photo is of the shelves of a CVS drugstore in Washington, DC. Instead of merchandise on shelves they have photos of what is available. Presumably one checks the photo, goes to a counter, asks a clerk for the merchandise which they hand you after you have paid for it. 

It's not just the high value merchandise either, this policy even extends to toilet paper! Ed Driscoll posted it at Instapundit, his source was Libs of TikTok.

How long before urban areas have no drug stores and people start claiming the reason is raaacism? The actual reason is rampant theft. I don't steal from drugstores, do you?

We've learned something about policing. If society won't punish those arrested for criminal behavior, the police stop arresting them and look the other way. This is the result.