Friday, November 24, 2023

Whence Victim Status

Gerard Laval is a Washington attorney and author. Writing for Washington Times, he asks: “Why Do Progressives Never Consider Jews Victims?” And he explains.

Jews are the only group in Western societies who, in spite of recurrent oppression and discrimination, are seemingly deprived of the right to be viewed as victims, even when they very clearly have incurred all of the indignities and suffering that should be more than adequate for being bestowed that status.

Yeah, no. How about Asians? They don’t get victim status either. What do the two groups have in common? Relative success in first world societies. Ergo, no victim status in progressives’ eyes. 

Is that fair? Not especially, but progressives think so. The progressive mantra: you gotta be perceived a failure to secure victim status; the more ways you are a loser, the more victim cred you gain.

It’s why gays and lesbians don’t have as much victim street cred as they once did. Vice squads don’t bust them anymore, and many who’re very successful people have “come out.” They’ve been “normalized,” perceived as successful.

I predict Hispanics will be the next group to lose victim status. Those here legally are doing very well, muchas gracias. They’re now over a quarter of the enrollment at the state university from which the DrsC retired.

In a very real sense the way progressives dole out victim status is redistributionism ad absurdum. Hat tip to RealClearPolitics for the link. [The colloquialism “yeah, no” used above is an abbreviation for, “I see what you’re saying but I disagree.”]