Monday, November 6, 2023

Anti-Rowling, Explained

Successful mystery author Daniel Friedman has a theory I'm liking about why so many young adults are angry with JK Rowling. The Daily Wire has his explanation.

"The reason a lot of young progressives are so mad at JK Rowling is that they read the books as kids, and they thought they were Harry or Hermione. But they grew up into people like Percy or Dolores Umbridge or Cornelius Fudge or Rita Skeeter,” Friedman began, naming characters who either actively denied reality or dutifully tattled on friends, neighbors, and even family members who refused to do the same. “And they know it. And on some level, they’re ashamed."

“I’m reading the fifth book with my niece and it’s kind of astonishing how well it tracks to contemporary controversies. And Rowling is on the same side now that she was when she wrote it. Which is the side of people who tell the truth, against people who suppress and deny the truth in service of their ideology,” Friedman continued.

The author went on to explain that some characters, “unprepared” to deal with a reality they did not particularly like, simply denied it was happening — and because they held powerful political positions, they then insisted that everyone else participate in their delusions.

"People who suppress and deny the truth in service of their ideology." That describes progressives' behavior amazingly well, especially those in positions of authority.