Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Friedman’s Latest on Gaza

The New York Times’ Tom Friedman has probably spent more time thinking about, traveling in, and talking with the leaders of the Middle East, and Israel in particular than any other journalist. As a consequence of which he thinks about it in a more fine-grained detail than most. 

His columns on the region are those of a mensch. His work on other topics rates a “meh.” Friedman has a good one today on Israel/Gaza that you can access for free*. He argues there are three “wars” going on there simultaneously, and makes some good points.


*How for free? At a website called “DYNUZ” from Armenia that publishes NYT and other stuff out from behind paywalls. I suppose it is a “pirate” site but darned handy for those of us who choose to make no money from our sites and can’t write off Times online subscriptions as business expenses. 

Armenia inhabits the shadowy world between Russia and the west. In Internet terms DYNUZ could be based anywhere the long arm of lawsuits can’t practically reach.