Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Maybe There Is Hope?

 I know, I know, don't count unhatched chickens, one robin doesn't foretell spring, et dang cetera. Nevertheless I keep getting hints we may have started turning a corner on the CRT and woke nonsense.

There is the sense the universities realized they'd jumped the shark supporting Hamas and have begun to be less out there with their progressiveness. Having billionaire donors threaten to withhold endowments helped too.

Some mainstream/legacy media news outlets have noticed the president's age-related infirmities and actually mentioned them on-air or in print.

I keep wondering when the teachers' unions will figure out they've overdone selfishness at the expense of our children and lower standards at the expense of our nation, and moderate their craziness. 

I'd like to think tomorrow we can at least be thankful for a scintilla of hope for the future of this great, but grievously hobbled land. Have a peaceful and caloric Thanksgiving Day.