Monday, November 27, 2023

The Prognosticator’s Dilemma

When an attorney is also a retired colonel and writes political commentary while channeling Mark Twain, you’ve got Kurt Schlichter. Kurt doesn’t kill it every time, who does? When he’s on his game he is both funny and on-target, and today he’s very much on his game.

First his key point and the challenge he faces.

Trump can’t possibly win, and Biden is certain to lose. But someone has to win, and it will not be that RFK weirdo.

How do you handicap a race where both candidates have insurmountable handicaps?

Why Trump can’t win.

Here’s the big reason: About 53% of American voters hate him. They shouldn’t.

Trump offends them to the core of their being. Being aesthetically offended by a politician is as silly as being devoted to one – your relationship with a politician should be entirely transactional – but it is also a fact that some people are.

Kurt’s “big reason” is truly about social class. Though wealthy, Trump openly indulges blue collar tastes (wrestling, beauty pageants, trophy wives and hookers). He generally “lives large,” more the show biz impresario than the CEO which he also is. For many his image makes him ineligible as a role model - which some expect our presidents to be.

 Why Biden can’t win.

First, he’s a terrible president. The economy sucks. The border sucks. We’re on the verge of new wars Trump would never have let happen. People are sick of him. 

Next year is not going to get better for Biden. The economy will get worse. The border will get worse. Some Third World potentates will doubtlessly pull some shenanigans.

Plus he appears to have been the paid agent of one or more foreign governments while in office. Thus the prognosticator’s dilemma. 

The voters’ impressions of Trump and Biden are seared into their consciousness. Those are not going to change. They are fixed, and for the majority, they are distinctly negative. That’s the problem. Neither candidate can win, and both are inevitably going to lose.

Except, of course, one of them will win anyway. And half of us will view whoever wins as an illegitimate disaster.