Sunday, November 26, 2023

Grounds for Hope

Last Wednesday I wrote that maybe there is hope we've turned a political corner. Today Roger Kimball writes in American Greatness that he is seeing some of the same signs, and adds more recent ones.

Kimball cites the election of Milei in Argentina, Wilders in the Netherlands, and William Cogswell, elected Republican mayor of Charleston, the first since 1877, meaning since Reconstruction ended. The meaning he draws?

The Zeitgeist would seem to be awake and on the move. What is it waking from? I agree with those who say it is waking from wokeness.

To "wokeness" Kimball adds immigration and cultural issues upstream therefrom. And he concludes as follows:

F[gures like Milei, Wilders, and William Cogswell, the new Republican mayor of Charleston, show that a counter-narrative is brewing. Will it prevail over the dominant “progressive” dispensation? No one knows for sure. I take the panic sweeping like a tsunami through the fetid corridors of the Left as a good sign. They are worried, which means that the rest of us have grounds for hope.

Meaning it's time to put our collective shoulder to the wheel, and give a mighty shove.