Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A Generation of Vipers

Spiked has a must-read column. It is an attempt to answer this question. Why are the young falling for Hamas propaganda? The short answer is identitarianism, explained thus.

There are three main reasons why the influence of identity politics over Gen Z makes it more likely to support Hamas. First, identity politics has sacralised victimhood. (snip) For the identitarian, the victim is by definition blameless and always to be believed.

The second way in which identity politics shapes Zoomers’ positive view of Hamas rests on the identitarian hostility towards the West. According to this view, Western history is a tale of racial oppression and exploitation, and Western society is built upon ‘white privilege.’

Third, identity politics encourages a conspiratorial mindset. This is because identity politics is built on a diminished sense of agency, in which we are all said to be shaped by the identities we acquired at birth.

Gen Z have become another of what Matthew 12:34 epically labeled a “generation of vipers,” taught to hate themselves and blame you, their parents. Read the whole column.