Thursday, December 21, 2023

Mourning the NY Times that Was

RealClearPolitics carries a reaction to an article by the ex-editor of the New York Times, James Bennett, who writes “When the New York Times Lost Its Way.” RCP provides what would be a book review, if Bennett’s article were a book.

This is particularly ironic because RealClearPolitics delivers day in and day out what Bennett says the NYT once delivered, should be delivering, but delivers no longer. Namely, a range of views on key topics. At least RCP provides the titles and links thereto. RCP quotes:

"The reality,” Bennet writes, “is that the Times is becoming the publication through which America’s progressive elite talks to itself about an America that does not really exist.”
Perhaps it is right and proper that in an online, digital age, the former role of the NYT is now filled by RCP and its RC spinoffs in policy, markets, world affairs, defense, science, education, etc. - all entirely digital and online.

It may not be excessive to think of this RCP column as a fond remembrance of a beloved ‘parent’ who has slipped into his or her dotage and no longer cares enough to keep up appearances nor connect solidly with reality.

COTTonLINE asks: When did ideological purity become more important than cold, hard, often-inconvenient facts? Why and how did we allow this to occur? Is there a path back to reality?