Thursday, December 21, 2023

Movin', Movin', Movin' ....

Power Line's John Hinderaker is associated with a think tank - American Experiment - that focuses on Minnesota, from a conservative perspective. They have analyzed IRS data on people moving to and from their state and sort the data by income level. Their findings may have relevance elsewhere.

The IRS data consistently show that Minnesota, a high tax, high regulation state, gains residents from other states in just one income category: those earning between zero and $25,000 per year. Minnesota essentially breaks even from $25,000 to $50,000, and consistently loses residents, on a net basis, in every income category over $50,000.
This chart is similar to others we have produced over the years.

Census data actually understate the depth of the economic and fiscal problems blue states are facing as a result of migration to more favorable jurisdictions. In the raw numbers, in-migration of people with essentially no income offsets, to some degree, out-migration of residents with good jobs. But in fact, gaining more residents with little or no income makes the economic position of blue states worse, not better.

As I said, these trends have been obvious for a while. When will blue states catch on? Not until the voters demand change.

Sorry John, that ship has sailed. The voters who might vote for change in MN are instead voting for change with their feet. Each one who leaves is one less vote to change MN's "high tax, high regulation" policies.

Your shrinking 'army' is fighting a losing battle against a growing tide of welfare recipients. It is past time to join the exodus, and leave those who remain to their self-selected fate.

Conclusion: Most of us have found it far more feasible to move to another, better-managed state than to change the political order in our home state, however much we may love and miss it. It turns out the new locales have their charms, too. Hat tip to the theme from TV's Rawhide for my title.